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ALAS joined the LEGO Idea Conference

11-13 April 2016. Billund, Denmark.
The LEGO Idea Conference is a global platform recognized for its ability to create meaningful and constructive debates about quality learning through play. This year’s theme was “What do we mean by Quality Learning?” seeking to understand what has been an important topic within the global debate around learning and education.

The 2016 LEGO Idea Conference was held in Billund, Denmark, with the participation of around 300 international leading experts, including academics, practitioners, representatives from international education organizations, government officials and social entrepreneurs. A key outcome of the discussions was a compilation of the leading viewpoints about quality in early learning and applicable ways to measure and implement these programs at scale.

ALAS joined this three-day conference and actively participated in one of the sessions where one of Mexico’s educational models was analyzed. Within this framework, Maria Mercedes Lievano, ALAS’ General Deputy Director, was part of an expert panel and talked about the challenges of implementing early childhood programs in Latin America, emphasizing relevant aspects such as quality, sustainability and the role of public policy.

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