Expertice in ECD

Expertice in ECD

ALAS has an important trajectory giving us a strategic position as a unique foundation: an exclusive focus on early childhood development and a regional scope of work. Our main objective is to strengthen successful existing experiences and expand our presence in additional countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is important for ALAS to diversify its programs and create an added value for each intervention that the foundation develops.

In order to expand, ALAS has established a framework of different strategies that will, in the long term, generate innovation in early childhood in Latin America and the Caribbean:

1. Identify ECD needs specific to Latin American Countries.
2. Provide technical assistance in the following subject: public policy, quality, comprehensive care, professional development, among others.
3. ALAS will promote knowledge generation (measuring the impact of our interventions) and knowledge exchange of good practices in Latin America (Example: Quintana Roo).

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Expertice in ECD




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