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In 2013 ALAS celebrated a strategic alliance with MILLICOM, leading cellphone, internet and television service provider for more than 45 million customers in 14 countries in Latin America and Africa. This partnership will begin with the construction of ECD Centers in GUATEMALA, with a $ 1.7 MILLION USD investment, provided by our new allies and ALAS. TIGO Foundation (co-founded by MILLICOM and Mario López) will locally support the project.

Cristina Stenbeck, whom was responsible for this important partnership, and is MILLICOM’s major stakeholder and President of the Board of Directors at Kinnevik stated: “The Stenbeck family is proud to supports ALAS` initiatives. Exporting Colombia`s successful models of social entrepreneurship to other regions in partnership with local leaders is a priority to our family. Every child has the right to a happy and healthy childhood full of laughter and play”.

As a first step, the First Lady of Guatemala, Rosa Maria Leal de Perez, and the President of TIGO Foundation, Mario Lopez, visited Colombia on September 1st and 2nd. During their stay, they participated in the inauguration of an ECD Center that is part of the alliance ‘Primero lo Primero’ and learned about the model of early childhood care in Colombia.

After this visit, both the private and public sector have confirmed their interest in participating in a joint project aimed to benefit early childhood in Guatemala.

A total of two new ECD Centers will be built, with a capacity of 160 children each, to be completed in 2015. Our final objective is to improve the quality of services provided in Early Childhood Development Centers in Guatemala and help the Government increase highly qualified coverage to children under age 6. To date two potential lots have been identified and construction work is expected to start during the first trimester of 2015.

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