For Mexico’s program, a strategic alliance was established between the local government of the State of Quintana Roo, ALAS Foundation and Carulla Foundation. The main objective was to develop and implement an early childhood program for the State of Quintana Roo. Our goal was to generate access to Early Childhood Development (ECD) interventions, in order to help vulnerable children achieve optimal development as a means of reducing social inequality.

ECD Centers are going to be built in ten municipalities of the State of Quintana Roo, benefiting 4,000 children. These centers will be built in rural and urban areas and will each receive 416 children. Two of these centers are already functioning in the municipality of Chetumal and Cancún, where 800 children are already benefitting from their services.

Each actor will be responsible for certain aspects of the project. Mexico’s National Integrated Family Development System (DIF) will provide the following for the project’s development: necessary funds for construction, initial functioning and maintenance of the CIPIs, land or plots of land for the construction of the centers and will coordinate with other government agencies who have a clear understanding of the state of early childhood in Quintana Roo. The role ALAS Foundation performs is one of cooperation: helping promote early childhood issues and working to obtain international resources to finance the implementation of the project. Meanwhile CARULLA Foundation will work as a consultant: implementing best practices during the development and operation of the CIPIs. This is done in order to ensure long-term sustainability and improve and expand the infrastructure, methodology, and coverage in education, health and nutrition services that are currently offered in urban and rural areas.

The Carulla-aeioTU Foundation and ALAS are committed to support the State of Quintana Roo, whose program is characterized by having an innovative pedagogical model inspired by Reggio Emilia´s philosophy, through the project that was described above. This project was made possible thanks to the alliances which were created between the three parties. It resulted in a transfer of knowledge, in which the Carulla-aeioTU Foundation adapted their model to the local context.

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