ALAS-IDB Awards 2013/2014

ALAS-IDB Awards 2013/2014

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The second edition of ALAS-IDB Awards took place on May 6th of 2014 at the IDB Conference Center in Washington DC, United States. The event was attended by former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the President of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Alberto Moreno, the chief executive of Kinnevik, Cristina Stenbeck, and the president of ALAS Foundation, Alejandro Santo Domingo. This time Shakira was unable to attend the event but she sent a message of recognition to all participants.

The ceremony was the closing event of the seminar “Transforming the Future Starts in Childhood: Innovation and Development in Early Education”, which brought together policy-makers, educators, neuroscientists, academics, philanthropists and business leaders working in early childhood issues. In total, 400 people attended the event and other 2,700 followed it online.

On this second edition, we received 760 nominations for the four categories, coming from 21 countries of Latin American and the Caribbean. Different government agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations, schools, associations and individuals working for early childhood development were nominated.

It is important to highlight not only the increase of the number of nominations received, but also the greater involvement of countries in Central America, which undoubtedly meant an excellent opportunity to discover the variety of positive experiences in the region.

Prizes included editorial publications, cash, computers, tablets, scholarships and training courses that were delivered by the main sponsors: United Way, Coca-Cola, CARGILL, ALAS Foundation/Stenbeck Family, Santillana and Wolters Kluwer and Haier.

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