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Primero lo Primero continues advancing

Primero lo Primero (First Thing’s First) continues moving closer to our goals. During the month of October a brand new Early Childhood Development Center was opened to the public in Sopo, Colombia, where more than 200 children, under age five, will receive quality comprehensive education, nutrition and health care. Families that work in the flower industry of this municipality will benefit from these services. This means that out of the 13 proposed centers by the Primero lo Primero alliance for this year and next, 6 are already up and running.

The Mario Santo Domingo Foundation, the aeioTu -Carulla Foundation , the Barefoot Foundation, ALAS, the Bancolombia Fundacion and other public and private institutions that make up Primero lo Primero, celebrate this great achievement. We invite you to join us in our support of early childhood in Colombia.

This partnership is only the beginning of our efforts towards the development of Colombia!



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