About ALAS

About ALAS

ALAS is a movement created in 2006 by a group of important Latin American leaders (Artists, Intellectuals and Entrepreneurs among others) that are interested in promoting proper Early Childhood Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. ALAS was founded as a nonprofit organization in Panamá, where its administrative headquarters are still located today.

Since then, ALAS has developed several initiatives to promote Early Childhood Development as a priority on various presidential agendas in Latin America. The objective is highlighting the importance of developing comprehensive health, education and nutrition plans from pregnancy up to age 6.


ALAS is an innovative movement that has united important Latin American leaders, working together for the same cause: early childhood development.
ALAS’ trajectory is unique in its kind. Our experience has positioned the Foundation as the first and only organization with a regional scope and with an exclusive focus on early childhood.
ALAS has led an effective social mobilization through mass campaigns and direct dialogue with Latin America presidents, generating awareness and commitment to early childhood.
ALAS has participated in projects that currently provide high quality services to 10,867 vulnerable children in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico through 31 ECD specialized centers (February, 2015).


ALAS communicates: The organization has a public relations plan in each country where we work, that helps generate interest in our projects and works to obtain local and regional support. Additionally the benefits of investing in early childhood are emphasized to our future partners.
ALAS builds strategic alliances: In order to develop the best programs, we build alliances with strategic partners, both technical and/or financial, in each country where we are present.
ALAS promotes public and private partnerships: maximizing impact and sustainability of our programs.
ALAS seeks to position leaders in the region: working jointly with academic institutions, ALAS seeks to systematize and evaluate our experiences. Our objective in doing this is to ensure efficiency in operations and to share experiences that can be replicated in Latin America.

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