Colombia. VivArte. Women.

United Through Art for Our Future
VivArte is a philanthropic initiative which raises awareness and exposure for Colombian artists on an international level, while contributing to the social capital of Colombia. The sale proceeds benefit both the participating VivArte artists, and the VivArte foundations; Caring for Colombia, and Primero Lo Primero.

Americas Society will host VivArte’s panel on “Collecting  Latin american Art”. The panel will bring together a select group of gallerists, curators, auctioneers, and collectors to address the question, “Why collect Latin American art now?”.  The discussion will address different aspects of investing in and collecting Latin American art; the responsibilities that come along with collecting; the exponential growth of the art market and rising value of Latin American art witnessed in the last decade; why collecting Latin American art matters and what the future may hold for the art and ideas emanating from Latin America and their relationship to the larger cultural context.

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